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Let's build something your team can't forget!
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Monday Motivation icebreakers and coffee break banter won’t inspire your team to churn out revolutionary solutions to meet your organization’s game-changing vision. You must be intentional if you want everyone to dig deeper.


Winning with an all-star team starts when your people can confidently name their superpowers and clearly apply each to your strategic objectives.

Great leaders go the distance because the risk of losing talent is real.
I don’t make the stats! I’m just saying this calls for a new approach.

The U.S. employee turnover rate averages 12% meaning that:

  • too many team members aren’t connected to the organization's mission

  • too many team members aren't empowered to bring their talents to their roles

  • too many team members play to industry standards instead of individual strengths

Our out-of-the-box empowerment approach takes your team places that an iron fist could never reach.

Ready to shake up your employee development plan and exponentially improve?
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Treat your people to hands-on skill building and
high-impact insights about the talents within your team - and inside themselves.  
Investing in your team brings serious returns!
Image by Bonneval Sebastien
Think With Your Hands featuring LEGO® Serious Play®

Featuring the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and materials


Not to be mistaken for frivolous play. This community-based play is super fun and even more effective for growth. Thinking with your hands teaches your team to relinquish the need for control, imagine new solutions, see themselves in progressive situations, work well on one accord, and tap into flow-state anytime for peak performance.

More info about Think With Your Hands

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Mission | Vision | Values Strategic Planning

Engages your team in a number of unique, insightful, and effective methods for growth.

This is perfect for when you’re ...

  • Re-writing your organization's Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Want your team to connect with your org’s MVVs

  • Want to help your team develop their own MVVs

This service can include the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and materials. Yup, that means you build your MVV in LEGO®!

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Go for Greatness with Franklin Covey workshops

Select from any of these content topics:


Franklin Covey Certified Workshop Facilitation

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

  • 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity

  • Leading at the Speed of Trust

  • 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team

  • Unconscious Bias

Business Meeting
Making the Right Call with Crucial Conversations

Learn how to communicate effectively in high-stakes situations -- the kind that are usually emotionally charged with opposing opinions. Participants learn and apply assertive communication techniques. Everyone is engrossed in hands-on learning and peer feedback for hosting more caring and productive conversations.


Solution: Crucial Conversations by VitalSmarts and Assertive Communication training

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Defining and Discovering Strengths-Based Leadership

Comprehensive coaching where your leadership learns to leverage the strengths of their team rather than focusing on shortcomings. These face-to-face workshops help everyone on your intact team focus on their natural-born talents, which increases employee engagement so that you can do your best work together.


Solution: CliftonStrengths Assessment (formerly StrengthsFinder or StrengthQuest)

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Custom Experiences to meet your unique vision

Just ask! I’ll create an action-packed, custom experience for your team based on your goals. I’ll mix and match the right services for your needs or develop something totally original. 

Invest in “to-dos” you can all look forward to!


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